Accessibility to sex toys

Just a general question, but why are sex toys so freaking expensive?! Yeah, you can find cheap sex toys at your local (but sketchy as hell) sex shop (excluding good vibrations and ‘big city’ sex shops), but most of them break so easily. My first sex toy shop was in my hometown (am hour away from San Francisco, and I bought a pink vibrating dildo and it broke so easily. AND THEY’RE NEVER OPEN WHEN THEY SAID THEY WOULD.

Is it because of the lack of demand? Is it because it’s still a taboo to talk about sex and sex toys? I DON’T GET IT. I JUST WANT MORE TOYS BUT YA BITCH IS BROKE AF AND I HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN MY STIMULUS CHECK YET.


I feel ya. I’m happy my first vibe was from Spectrum and not some sketchy place in my local mall. But yeah toys are super expensive. Even my therapist knows how expensive and hard to buy these things are. Believe me I’d have so many more little playthings if they weren’t so darn expensive!
I mean I guess it’s like why new video games are pricey. It’s something you’ll use a lot and get a lot of joy from it, plus the quality is important. I still wish they were cheaper tho


I always just assumed the high prices were a result of how expensive it must be to create high quality sex toys, but I honestly don’t know?? It definely SUCKS, especially for low income and disabled people. I wish I had the money to regularly support ethical sex toy shops and manufacturers!

Are you familiar with the NoFrillDo by Funkit Toys? I’ve never gotten one since I don’t do penetration but they seem like a cool option for people looking for cheap dildos!


I agree there should be a candy bowl of free coloured vibes next to the free condoms at sexual health clinics!! Pleasure for the people!


I can’t tell if that would have been more or less awkward the first time a nurse offered me a condom :laughing:

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I definitely bookmarked that. THANKS!


See, my initial thought would be to take the vibrators and give them out to the public or my friends for free. Hell, maybe even ship them to my long distance friends. I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE ACCESS TO NEW SEX THINGS!!!


My partner has been an exotic dancer for many years…late last year she was sexually assaulted and sonce this incident has struggled greatly with anxiety which is triggered consequently when dancing… now she needs to use to be able to dance…the situation has evolved into tragic financial difficulties. Long story short…i am helping her get into webcam shows. The financial strain is rather extreme…anyone wishing to donate ANY toys for my partners new webcam venture …please contact me!