Can You Be an Ethical Consumer of Sex Toys?

The sex toy industry is unregulated. So how can we shop smarter in a world where profit is valued over safety?

Kristen Tribby from Fun Factory (a favorite brand here at Spectrum!) discusses why manufacturing practices and materials matter over on Journal. It’s an interesting and illuminating read, I learned a lot about toys that I didn’t know about before, check it out: Buying Safe & Ethical Sex Toys | Spectrum Journal

Personally I would love to see someone create something like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for sex toys: Allow those that hold up to certain standards of non-toxicity, quality, etc. to put it on their goods as a mark of achieving a certain standard.

Of course, that’s not enough; I also want to see a lot of discussion over the conditions that they’re made in. It doesn’t count as ethical if they’re being made by prisoners, slaves, or underpaid workers.

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