Show yourself some extra love today!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Spectrum Forum crew! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :two_hearts:

I know, it’s a cheesy holiday and all, and over here we’re in the business of celebrating love and pleasure for yourself and others 365 days a year. But I think more than ever it’s good to be reminded to show yourself love! And I love an excuse of some ritual to remind folks to do just that, and Valentine’s Day is a prime example!

So, how are you showing yourself love today? Share below!

Hope you all are feeling some loves towards yourself (and others) today :heart:


I’ll share first!

I treated myself to a new ring and some crystals from my favorite local store in New Orleans, which I miss dearly so gave them some love until I can get down and visit again. I started off the morning sleeping in and doing some yoga, chilling watching movies today, then going to have a really nice dinner and enjoy some new goodies, including my new We-Vibe that I saved up to get and holy moly, it’s incredible! An investment piece but hey, my body deserves it! (Also doubles as a shoulder and neck massager really well!)

Sending all the love to y’all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I put on my favorite music and had some just fun private fun. I also got to have some safe sexting fun and found I really like being called puppy lol. I also put on a fresh pot of coffee and had some fun delight food. After that I drew a little and binged some fun shows. Honestly today didn’t suck as much I thought it would.


Honestly, I took a really long nap and watched a lot of movies most of the day. Oh and my partner made pancakes.


Both sounds like lovely days! Now I want some pancakes :slight_smile:

We’ve been snowed in here in Chicago where I’m at, so very much feels like an extended holiday with President’s Day off too. Didn’t mind at all. Lots of cozy chill time spent indoors!

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