Happy Masturbation May: New Touch Yourself Tuesday livestreams with Zoe!

Happy Masturbation May, everyone! Have some exciting news to share from Zoe. To celebrate this awesome (and apparently well timed) holiday, Spectrum is launching a weekly livestream every Tuesday during May!

Join us for #TouchYourselfTuesday, a late night chat with sex educators and sex toy enthusiasts where we go deep on some favorite recurring themes around masturbation, from favorite toys to porn and masturbation during isolation. It will be a webinar with a live Q&A.

Here is the schedule for the kickoff this Tuesday, May 5: Week 1, Carly S and Zoe Ligon go deep on some of their favorite recurring themes including masturbation (and porn) in isolation as well as the age-old questions… Is there a danger to using a vibrator? Is there such thing as too much masturbation? Is there a current favorite toy in their nightstands?

Head over to our site now to learn more about Masturbation Month and how to tune-in for our live webinar and Q&A: https://spectrumboutique.com/masturbation-month

Hope to cya there Tuesday!