Sexual Experiences After Hysterectomy

Has anyone here had a hysterectomy? My medical team and I are currently planning mine (taking out the uterus, cervix, and Fallopian tubes only). I’m very curious as to what things will be like for my sex life post hysterectomy! Especially considering the fact that I’m only 22. Of course, I’ve done tons of research, but I’d love to hear personal experiences. If you’ve had a hysterectomy, let me know your thoughts! What have been your experiences with sexuality post hysterectomy? Were your libido or sexual interests affected? Has your relationship with your body changed? Do you experience sex differently than you used to?

I don’t have personal experience, but I have learned what the uterus does in the body due to my human sexuality studies studies.
The uterus is responsible for many hormone levels in order for the body to stay in homeostasis.
I would imagine that there would be major changes in your body that your body has to get used to after the surgery for a few months.
Every body is different. Make sure to fully understand the procedure and what they’re doing to your body.

As someone who has an unnecessary 2nd brain biopsy, always do your research.

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Oh for sure!! Whatever happens, I know it’ll be a pretty big change. This will be my 4th surgery, and I’ve had doctors push me to have many more performed over the years, so I definitely know to do my research! I’m sorry you were made to have a 2nd biopsy. As if one isn’t enough to deal with.

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