Romp flip and shine review!

hi everyone! i took a good minute to use my shine and flip, and here is what i thought!

romp shine :star: :star: :star: :star:

so this little toy is pretty good for the price! i didn’t quite know what i was expecting when i first used it, but MAN that was an intense orgasm! so much so that i was just completely beat after and went straight to sleep! i like that it didn’t leave me feeling numb like some vibrating toys do, and it made every touch just feel more intense. really a breathtaking, leg shaking, scream inducing orgasm, so if that is too intense for you, this might not be the toy for you.

my biggest qualms about this product, which is why i gave it a 4 out of 5, is the build quality. it feels very light in my hands, almost as if it’s hollow inside. i know weight doesn’t always equal quality, and i’m not gonna be the person that says a heavy smartphone is better than a light, plastic smartphone, but it almost made it hard to hold with how light it was! the silicone head on the actual suction portion is removeable, which is great for cleaning because you can really get in and give it a good wash, but i feel like there could be a better way to secure it to the actual toy more securely. more often then not i’d pick it up and the silicone head would go flying off! due to how that attaches, this wouldn’t be a good toy to hide in a sock drawer, because the head could detach and get lost. i also wish the buttons were more pronounced, as adjusting the intensity while playing was difficult because i couldn’t find the buttons!

and last but not least, the charger. it’s magnetic, and i see the ease in it, just stick it on and it’s good to go. but for me, someone that has to hide their toys, it’s not really ideal, as the charger can easily shift from the charging position and stop charging. i’ve resorted to hiding it in a drawer where it can sit perfectly upright and won’t move so it can continue charging, which kinda sucks because i just wanted to chuck it in the storage bin where i charge all my toys, but i couldn’t because the charger would shift.

all in all, it’s a very good toy to begin experimenting in the air pressure toy world, but the build quality of it is a huge turn off. but i was still able to enjoy it, despite that!

TL;DR very good toy, not very good build quality!

romp flip :star: :star: :star: :star:

this toy was pretty good as well! it made me cum relatively fast, ~4-5 minutes or so of using. it has a pretty even distribution of vibration, and the patterns are the same as on the romp jazz, so it was familiar to use. it was pretty rumbly, i could feel the vibrations all up my arm, so for the size i would say it’s got some power!

but despite all that strength, i still felt myself teetering on the edge wanting just a little more power. even at the highest setting i was like “please, just a little bit more!” compared to the jazz, i’d say it’s rumblier compared to that one, which can be described more like a buzz, but the jazz still feels more powerful in my opinion. it just needed a little more oomf, but it is still a good wand for being rechargeable and for the size!

like the jazz, the silicone on this is great, silky and smooth, and i love that the head is bendable! i would also say the head is a decent size, not too big and not too small.

TL;DR very nice rechargeable, small wand, just needed a little extra oomf!