Do Le Wand attachments fit other massagers? Le Wand Petite?

Hello, I’m just a college kid trying to explore the world of sex for basically the first time and wanted to try a wand but damn are they expensive.

I realize that many generic brands exist, do the attachments fit on any of these? Or perhaps the petite version?

Note: BTW, sincerely not meaning to be rude on pricing. Just a bit more than I keep in my “4 fun” budget. Absolutely :heart: the site tho!


The attachments fit on a standard large wand. So it’ll work for a magic wand, or the large doxy wand. If you’re looking for a more affordable wand I would go with Magic Wand Plus. It will fit all the standard attachments from le wand and otherwise, the head is silicone so if you wanted to share it you could safely, and it has 4 speeds.

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