Best Literary Erotica Websites?

What little eroitca I have read, I am a big fan of.
Anybody have any recommendation for literary erotica? Especially for those, who do not fully enjoy graphical porn?


I like the selection through Amazon prime books. Problem is that I have 3 kids who shouldn’t see those in the digital library. Or what new “suggestions” pop up! Smh. So tried Google’s selection, just not as great. But easier to keep private.

1 Like has a very large selection


Archive of our own is one, though a lot of it is fanfiction


I used Audible and Kindle for erotica books. They have some great stuff. I like books with a great story and very hot sext times!


You might want to try Aurore for written pieces and Dipsea for audio.

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I keep meaning to check out Dipsea, all their promo stuff looks great! Thanks for reminding me.

There are some subreddits for erotica, but also audio erotica on r/gonewildaudio on Reddit!


You can make a secondary Amazon account (whole different password+email) that is still linked to your prime account! So you still get the benefits of prime, but your search and shopping history is private. Hope this helps!

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