AFAB Genital Mutilation

TW for AFAB genital mutilation, surgery, medical malpractice, gaslighting

This is a bit of a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with AFAB genital mutilation?

Background: Last year, when I was receiving surgery for endometriosis and a redundant hymen (among a few other things), my surgeon cut off my labia minora without my consent or medical necessity. My recovery was very rough, so I didn’t find out until about 3 weeks after surgery. At the time I was really distressed and freaked out. I did try confronting my surgeon on multiple follow up appointments, but he absolutely refused to speak on it and would change the subject. Sometimes he would tell me I was confused and didn’t understand my own anatomy. One of his assistants told me she wasn’t allowed to speak on what he did or didn’t do, when I asked her about it. I genuinely trusted my surgeon before this. It was a such a shock to find what he did.

It’s been several months now and I’m handling it well. I’m not as distressed anymore, but of course I’m still emotionally hurt. Does anyone else have experience with anything like this? It’s been a very strange experience and although I have family and friends to talk with, I don’t know anyone who can personally relate.

I’m sorry this happened to you. That doctor (everyone involved) should have their license revoked. I don’t know much about the topic, but I searched and found an online support group. I’m sorry if this isn’t much. :frowning:


I am shocked reading this…I can’t believe this happened to you without your consent. I have never heard of something like this happening before, but it sounds like you have come to terms with it, which is so wonderful <3

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@tallasianchick thank you for sharing!! I’ll check it out :heart:

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@elle I couldn’t believe it at first either!! Once I started to do some digging on the internet, I found out that it’s not actually as rare as I would’ve assumed. Part me of me wishes more victims talked about the subject, but of course I understand why many don’t. And thank you!! It was hard at first but I worked hard to understand that it didn’t happen because of my body needing to be ‘fixed’ or something I did wrong. I’m still working on finding love for my new genitals, and the new ways I experience pleasure, but I’m making progress!

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