The 8th Great Lake Floods Midwest. Destroys plug in wand

(He/him if you please~) I had purchased and A&E wand this year wanting to try out the wonders of power-tools for masturbation and while doing a scene, Crusher (named for the 4 other toys destroyed by the might of my vulva’s voracity) went full Areal Flood and literally shorted out my wand.

As i’m not made of Magic Wand Money 3x a year, does anyone have any recommendations for (extremely waterproof) Magic Wand or MW-alikes that don’t sacrifice power for pleasure (and the security of not needing Moses to rescue them)?

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First off, my condolences for your fallen wand, the demise of a good tool happens to the best of us.

We actually just had a rave review from a head-to-head wand battle over on Spectrum Journal:

The winner by a landslide that got a rave review was the We-Vibe rechargeable wand and it’s waterproof too!


Thank you so much! That definitely looks like my next try. :heart: