Possible Daddy Day celebration!

Tomorrow is a day for celebration for many people. Innocent kids brings their dad’s breakfast in bed, sappy cards are sold and “dad would love this” sales and discounts line the stores for everything from hardware to video games. However, for a select few tomorrow doesn’t have anything to be celebrated. Maybe your dad was a piece of trash or maybe he wasn’t in your life at all. For a lot of people, the idea of Father’s Day is nothing but a reminder that so many people have what you don’t. And if you try and take advantage of the sales for yourself, the cashiers always ask “so buying for your dear dad?” And to avoid the awkwardness you say yes and walk away. HOWEVER for some Father’s Day has a new thing to celebrate. DADDY DAY! A day where you hug and kiss your daddy dom extra hard and and doms/tops with that title get a little extra love. I for one celebrate by posting guy crushes on my insta, and listening to my favorite daddy voice actors. If you celebrate Father’s Day, enjoy and have fun. But if you celebrate Daddy Day, then why not share how you celebrate? Maybe you wear that special outfit that your dom likes. Maybe you show some love for some guys you wish were your daddy. Whatever you do, have fun.
And hey, Spectrum, maybe a little Daddy Day sale or give away? Just saying.

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